Microlytic is committed to the development of products which maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of laboratories performing protein crystallization. This step in the process continues to be the primary bottleneck in the modern macromolecular workflow. As projects rapidly increase in difficulty and impact, it becomes essential to alter the course of crystallization strategy to improve the likelihood of crystallization via a paradigm shift from high throughput to high output crystallization. Microlytic has developed a comprehensive crystallization strategy encompassing vapor diffusion and liquid-liquid diffusion to maximize crystallization output and offer numerous benefits to the user.

Screen Less, Grow More

Our ultimate goal for our customers is to screen fewer discrete crystallization conditions while increasing the probability of crystallization success. This is accomplished by a two-pronged approach to crystallization which enables scientists to grow more crystal forms and to do so with less time invested in screening. First is a broad sampling of crystallization space through the use of micro capillary-generated gradients between protein and precipitant. Second, is a suite of 384 crystallization conditions designed to maximize the productivity of vapor diffusion. This latter is accomplished through an assembly of the most productive protein crystallization conditions as identified through a decade of high throughput screening for more than 40,000 diverse protein targets at the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics. The result of this two-pronged strategy is a greater diversity of starting crystallization conditions than would be likely from single-method crystallization strategies and different crystals than those generated via other methods. More unique crystallization conditions identified using capillary diffusion versus vapor diffusion

  • Unique crystallization conditions identified and more crystal forms identified using capillary versus vapor diffusion
  • Continuous gradient within each capillary enables scientists to screen vast number of conditions: it is comparable to doing hundreds of individual experiments using other technologies, and to do so rapidly
  • Enables scientists to grow more crystals while spending less time screening conditions
  • Orthogonal/Complementary technology that increases the likelihood of generating crystals

Advancing Protein Crystallography Science

Capillary Diffusion takes you where Vapor Diffusion can’t. Exemplified by the Microlytic SBS High Throughput Crystal Former, high output crystallization experiments are trials in which the number of crystallization events is generally large relative to conventional experiments. Such systems explore a much greater area of crystallization space with fewer discrete crystallization conditions and low protein consumption. By expanding your options you increase the likelihood of having a successful outcome which advances your research. Microlytic delivers this expanded range of options and the increase in success that comes with it.

  • Different conditions, different results, different crystals than are generated with other method
  • Probing a different space provides an opportunity to grow crystals when you could not do otherwise
  • Salvage Projects: Generate crystals from difficult targets where other methods can’t: Advances your work
  • Customizable: Enhancing likelihood of crystallization success enabling you to move forward

Increase Protein Crystallization Productivity

High productivity of protein crystallization is important to long-term success. Using the traditional method of vapor diffusion requires a great deal of time and effort, especially if one is screening hundreds of conditions on tens of proteins. Productivity can be measured in several ways.

  • Efficiency of your screening method: Getting the most results from the fewest experiments is a productivity boost for protein crystallography labs.
  • Bringing “order” and “control” to the process: Testing an array of conditions can be difficult to execute effectively. Where to begin, which variables to test, at what concentrations, is a challenge. Often test duplication occurs and high percentages yield no result. An ordered approach to testing can enhance the efficiency of the process.
  • Screening the widest chemical space effectively, rapidly and easily yields the most answers in the shortest period of time and uses the least amount of your precious protein.
  • Automation: Automating the process reduces manual labor, speeds the process and enables lab personnel to spend more time doing science, and less time setting up screens.

Microlytic addresses all of these opportunities to enhance your lab’s productivity. Whereas gains in any of the areas above will make your lab more effective, gains in all areas will have a multiplier effect on your effectiveness.

  • The gradient within each capillary is comparable to performing hundreds of individual experiments using other methods and yields more and/or different crystals while using the least amount of protein for this wide array of conditions.
  • Microlytic covers a large chemical space that others don’t, producing more results.
  • The MCSG screen, a suite of 384 crystallization conditions is a systematic and efficient way to screen the crystallization space.
  • The method is robotically compatible enhancing the productivity of the lab by freeing up personnel to focus on science. It is platform-agnostic as the process can be implemented on any liquid handler.

Microlytic: Your Partner in Protein Crystallization Success

A high performance product is made all the more effective by an organization that delivers high performance support. At Microlytic we support our products and the success of our customers. As a small company we are able to collaborate with our customers much more effectively than larger entities and build personal relationships with them that bring mutual benefits. As an example, if our customer is interested in customization we are open to working with them to give them the best possible solution to their challenges. We are committed to our customers’ success and will spend days on-site ensuring that our products perform in the way that we promise. We are staffed with protein crystallographers at every step of the process from design to production and from support to sales so that we can offer support wherever, whenever and however our customers need it.

  • Collaborative, cooperative relationship focused on customer success

  • Flexible and responsive to customers’ needs including the development of customized products

  • Problem/Solution/Success driven support; Committed to our customers’ protein crystallization success

  • Expert, consultative, helpful and ready to support your needs.