Microlytic was founded in 2006 with the goal of developing tools and reagents that advance protein crystallography research. Microlytic setup main office in the Boston area in 2009 and has been commercially active in the US since.

Our focus has been to create effective solutions for high output crystallization and have revolved around two primary areas:

  • Enabling capillary crystallization methods for the high output crystallization lab, through seamless integration with robotic equipment. These efforts have led to the development of the Crystal Former, which is a high throughput and high output capillary crystallization tool.

  • Constructing crystallization screens based on extensive data-mining of crystallization experiments to reduce the number of chemical conditions to be sampled for thorough coverage of protein crystallization space. These screens include the MCSG screen which is developed by our partners at the Mid-West Center for Structural Genomics and the PurePEG screen developed by Microlytic.

Hundreds of protein structures have now been solved using Microlytic products and the list continues to grow. Microlytic holds issued patents for both its microfluidic crystallization devices as well as its crystallization reagents