What we offer

From gene to structure, Microlytic experts are ready to assist you.  Our structural biology platform is highly flexible and can be modified to meet your research requirements.  Enter or exit our workflow at any point and receive expedient, customized service.


In our paradigm, the customer comes first with one-on-one attention to individual projects, a transparent workflow, and ready access to project leaders.



Achieving crystallization success

Microlytic North America specializes in the development of technology to:

  • Increase crystallization success
  • Reduce the time to structure
  • Reduce the overall costs of structure determination

Through access to our proprietary workflow, your crystallographic project will have the greatest opportunity for rapid success in a screening approach that couples industry-leading crystallization reagents with high output orthogonal methods.


No other company offers such a comprehensive approach to crystallization screening.


Ensuring satisfaction

At Microlytic, YOU come first.  Our team will work with the guidelines you establish for each project, including:

  • Upfront agreement on appropriate timelines
  • Flexible contracts: FTE rates, multi-structure packages, decreasing costs on repeat structures
  • Compliance with technical, reporting, structure refinement requirements, etc.



Our technology

Microlytic offers a standard two-pronged approach to all crystallization trials to maximize the likelihood of success possible in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The Crystal Former has demonstrated itself to have a positive impact on crystallization screening, resulting in:

  • Overall increases in crystallization rates
  • Reduction in product production requirements
  • Salvage of difficult and/or unstable protein samples
  • Decreased time to structure
  • Decreased optimization of initial crystallization conditions
  • Improved crystal reproducibility and quality


Our MCSG Suite is the screening set of choice for many industrial and academic crystallization sites, including the NYSGRC, Enzyme Function Initiative, Midwest Center for Structural Genomics and more. It is a collection of the most productive commercially available crystallization conditions as scored through screening of more than 40,000 diverse structure targets.