Microlytic offers unique solutions to crystallographers’ challenges. There are many examples of successful scientific outcomes as a result of using our screens and/or our unique liquid diffusion technology for crystal growth.



Our microfluidic crystallization devices have produces crystals for a number of exciting projects.  As sampling of these are presented here.   
Developed at the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics, the MCSG suite has served as the first pass for all targets in the PSI:Biology phase.  We've tracked the success of the MCSG suite at its parent crystallization core and have highlighted structures resulting from unoptimized crystals. These are updated weekly with each PDB release.      
Crystal Former Publications   (13) Lee MJY, Faucher F & Jia Z (2014) growth of diffraction-quality protien crystals using a harvestable microfluidic device. Crystal Growth and Design. DOI:10.1021/cg500450b   (12) Degen D, Feng Y, Zhang Y, Ebright KY, Ebright YW, Gigliotti M, Vahedian-Movahed H, Mandal S, Talaue M, Connell N, Arnold E, Fenical W & Ebright RH. (2014) transcription...